born 1959 on the outskirts of london, england - my mum's first words were: "innit ugly!" - i was born with spiky orange hair - world's first punkrocker!

went to school, went to art school, worked in graphic design studios, worked in advertising agencies, worked as a freelance illustrator...

all very boring and irrelevant - till the mid eighties when begin publishing photocopy booklets of ink drawings in editions of around 100 copies (or sometimes only half a dozen) distributed via the underground 'industrial music culture' mail order network

contact with william bennett led to supplying cover art for a number of whitehouse cds - and an important career motivating friendship with romain slocombe encouraged the start of airbrush paintings based on personal ideas - i fell into being an "artist"

first exhibitions held at torture garden fetish nightclub events in london in 1993 - and moved to tokyo the same year with teddy bear artist, and now wife, konomi izumi (aka hippie coco)

work published in numerous japanese sex magazines but appeared a dead end - baby art was born as a new artistic direction combining cute images of dolls etc with previous less innocent interests

contributed regularly to the eroguro magazine too negative - the editor formed ng gallery who staged the first major trevor brown exhibitions - and also published (hear no, see no, speak no) evil, the first book collection of trevor brown art, in 1996

the attention of editions treville was caught who've remained the major publisher of trevor brown art books since - the airbrush was replaced by oil painting around 2000

exhibitions have been held in los angeles, italy and of course tokyo including the prestigeous bunkamura gallery - thematic book collections include forbidden fruit, my alphabet, medical fun, li'l miss sticky kiss, rubber doll, trevor brown's alice, girls war, drawing book and pandora

2018 トレコス出版記念展 (trecos publication commemoration)
span art gallery, ginza, tokyo (with nananano & mari shimizu)
2017 editions trevile 20th anniversary
merry art gallery, yokohama (group show)
2016 trevor brown × 七菜乃
span art gallery, ginza, tokyo (collaboration with nananano)
トレヴァー・ブラウン / 三浦悦子 / 記念展示 (mini-exhibition)
sanseido bookstore, ikebukuro, tokyo (with etsuko miura)
  二つの聖餐 -闇から光へ- (holy communion - from darkness to light)
bunkamura gallery, shibuya, tokyo (with etsuko miura)

trajectory of trevor brown (mini-exhibition)
span art gallery, ginza, tokyo (with etsuko miura)
2014 ドローイング・ブック (drawing book)
parabolica-bis, asakusa, tokyo
女の子戦争 (girls war)
bunkamura gallery, shibuya, tokyo
2012 toy box
span art gallery, ginza, tokyo (with hippie coco)
2010 time of alice
bunkamura gallery, shibuya, tokyo (with yuriko yamayoshi)
2007 babies exhibition
taco che, nakano, tokyo

rubber doll (mini-exhibition)
buro discount, zurich, switzerland
  rubber doll
subterraneans, osaka, japan

rubber doll
gallery le deco, shibuya, tokyo
2005 sakura
taco che, nakano, tokyo
li'l miss sticky kiss
gallery le deco, shibuya, tokyo
  valentine fair
taco che, nakano, tokyo
retrospective 1992-2003
mondo bizzarro gallery, bologne, italy
2002 new world
merry karnowsky gallery, los angeles (with keiti ota)
medical fun
span art gallery, ginza, tokyo
  rope, rapture & bloodshed
mondo bizzarro gallery, bologne, italy (with antoine bernhart)

sexy nurse
taco che, nakano, tokyo
1999 my alphabet
merry karnowsky gallery, los angeles
1998 trevor brown and toshio saeki
merry karnowski gallery, los angeles (with toshio saeki)
1997 forbidden fruit
azzlo gallery, aoyama, tokyo
taco che, nakano, tokyo
1996 evil twin
ng gallery, tokyo
  doll hospital
keibunsha art box, kyoto
ng gallery, tokyo