mari shimizu dolls trecos 04 feb 2018

mari shimizu dolls based on my paintings at the tb/nano/mari "trecos" exhibition at span art gallery

th no.73 28 jan 2018

trevor x nananano feature in the new issue of talking heads

トレコス (trecos - trevor cosplay) 20 jan 2018

cover of the book! - officially released 6 february but should be ready for the exhibition starting 1 february - there’s a book-signing ordeal at the gallery on saturday 3 feb - altho a different publisher (atelier third) it's a similar size book to the usual trevor brown books i think - 80 pages - mostly full page pics and enlarged pics - and then a 16 page b/w "how to make tre-cos" appendix - nananano text (in japanese of course) and lots of little pix - book available for pre-order on japan amazon - atelier third also accept foreign orders - i imagine akatako in america might stock later - and timeless in europe have already ordered lots of copies

exhibition is at span art gallery 1 to 6 february - i only have seven paintings on show (others are sold) - so, once again, exhibiting the pencil preliminary scribbles - mari shimizu also included in the exhibition with a doll inspired by me (and nananano?!) - and i’ll be showing an old mari shimizu “doll” from my “collection” along with a little painting inspired by it

babuchan - human is corpse 10 jan 2018

5th album by babuchan is adorned by a babyart cover! - my first cd cover for years!? (as barely anyone, particularly anyone in the western world, prepared to pay for the privilege) - it's a cd i actually wanted to be on the cover of - so i was very happy to be asked (and paid!) - japanese title is "mikan sei no shitai" (i want to make satsumas?) but english title "human is corpse" has been given by babuchan

official release date: 17 jan - available on amazon jp priced ¥1200 - one track is on youtube - and it's available for digital download on amazon com (and i-tunes eventually i guess) but you miss out on my lovely cover of course

a "one size fits all" jacket also produced with the "obento baby" art - modelled here by shigatsu - it sold out fairly immediately tho (i don't know how many they made..? - not enough, obviously) - price was ¥30,000

happy new year! 01 jan 2018

goodbye, good riddance, to 2017 - worst year ever! - yay for 2018!

"trecos", the nananano x trevor cosplay book, coming out next month - exhibition to coincide at span art gallery 01 to 06 february (includes mari shimizu) - and working towards my own next exhibition at the end of this year, hopefully! - a black rubber theme - "noir nursery"?

"virtual gallery" now open 01 dec 2017

an art for sale section added to my web site - just in time for christmas! - basically this is most everything that is unsold and available at this time - and being sold directly from me! - hopefully ending up on the walls of fans - inquiries welcome at baby_art [at] - if it isn't listed it's old and sold - or new and not yet available...


旧作にはなりますが、baby art 直接の販売ということで、

trevor 作品を本当に愛してくださる方に、

Trevor Brown




トレコス 15 nov 2017

a book currently in production of the nananano “trecos” (trevor cosplay) works - 22 altogether - we wanted to do a few more new ones but other members of “the team” (the photographer, make-up and cg artists) howled in protest - the book will however include some behind-the-scenes offshot photos

an exhibition being planned at span art gallery the first week of february to coincide with the book’s release - as the work previously shown at span art, i actually really wanted to do the exhibition in osaka - but that never worked out - are there no good galleries anywhere any more? (that want me!) [don’t answer that, rhetorical question]

i think it’ll be more a nananano exhibition than a trevor brown exhibition, as i have depleted original works available (only half a dozen?) - there is one nice new (i.e. unseen) painting tho - doll artist mari shimizu called in to provide some back-up - she’ll be making a new doll inspired by my work(!) - and there’ll be a book-signing event, needless to say - more detais later...

editions treville 20th anniversary 03 nov 2017

i have three paintings on display at the merry art gallery in yokohama - an editions treville 20th anniversary exhibition - 03 to 26 november 2017

postscript: exhibition extended to 31 december! - with some change of content (several more trevor brown paintings added!)

return of the baby art web site! 10 aug 2017

i spent literally months re-making my site at the end of last year - only to watch it promptly vanish because the (20 year) lease expired (the owner i sub-leased from similarly disappeared) - after reactivating a contingency blog, i thought i could live on without a website (everyone remains on social media nowadays - no one visits web sites anymore - and my pix are already everywhere) - but lately i’ve had quite a few people asking if i have an official web site and where can they find more pix and information - so i decided it’s time to try and get the baby art web site back online

i knew it’d be difficult and of course it was - i wanted something free and hassle-free - particularly as they are bound to delete me sooner or later for some tos transgression - and i just wanted a blank page that i could simply upload my own html onto - but few free hosting sites will allow that, it seems, instead insisting you work from their trendy, or plain horrible, modular templates (they’ll have like 50 templates to choose from, named chic, minimal, elegant, midnight etc etc - but they are all exactly the same!) - if they do give the illusion of an open blank page you are stopped in your tracks by: “you must upgrade to a paid plan in order to unlock html access”

after numerous hours wasted scouring the "100% absolutely free" lies i did finally find a place or two that looked promising - but i immediately got booted off:


Your InfinityFree account has been deactivated!

Your account was suspended for: Abuse Detected



i hadn’t even been able to up-load anything to them - i apparently got suspended for attempting to log into my account! - the expired untrusted certificates they are running with resulted in constant ftp login errors - i had managed to log in and upload no more than 3 html files (no jpegs) to another hosting account called 000space - and altho advertising themselves as separate companies, it seems they are suspiciously the same people, as i got suspended from both accounts simultaneously (for MY suspiciousness!) - so, like the ftp clients tell you, these people are not to be trusted

i gave up trying after that - but thankfully i recieved an offer from krown design which i was very happy to accept - i sort of knew her/them - and subleasing from someone who appreciates my work i think a far better option than all these free (or not so free) sites who are always 100% absolutely bound to be a fly in the ointment

so here it is - the resurrected baby art web site - born 10th august, same as me!